natures powers and spells


‘natures powers and spells’


Landscape change, John Clare & Me



Carry Akroyd


Published by Langford Press

Hardback, 30 x 27cm, 150 images, 168 pages

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Carry Akroyd’s characteristically colourful and organised landscape images examine the relationship between humans and wildlife. This book samples work from twenty years; some of her images are a lament, while others just express a sheer joy derived from the natural world. From direct drawing in the landscape to the interplay between deliberation and impulse in the studio, this book follows ideas from their inspiration to their expression.


“I know of no other natural history record quite like this one in which a poet and an artist, sharing the same landscape, have so fully revealed both its fate and its glory. John Clare’s Northamptonshire has become everyone’s inherited England. Carry Akroyd’s pictures illustrate it to perfection, the past and the now. In it we are faced with our own losses and gains as modern farming and wildlife come to terms. It is a remarkable partnership and a wonderful book.”

Ronald Blythe

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